"Headaches are common, but they’re not normal."

A common cause of headaches is from spinal bones in the neck that aren’t supporting the head properly. You might not notice your reduced ability to turn your head. But these nerve interference affect nerves, muscles, and even the blood supply to your head.

Our thorough examination detects nerve interference patterns that could be causing your headaches. If nerve interferences are present, you’re likely to benefit from chiropractic care.

Pain relievers of various types are the most common approach to headaches. In our practice we take a more natural approach. Our objective is to find and reduce the underlying cause of a headache.

Some are surprised to learn that over 80% of headaches originate from neck issues! 

We have a high success rate with patients who get headaches. Give us a call to schedule an appointment and try chiropractic care. (910) 246-0606