COVID-19 Updates

As an essential healthcare provider, we are here for you during this crisis. Our office will remain open to current and new patients, especially those seeking acute care.

Chiropractors and chiropractic assistants are here to help you stay healthy. Neurological chiropractic adjustments relieve stress from the nervous system which is a critical link that plays a HUGE role in boosting your immune system.

Cleaning Procedures

On top of our normal disinfecting routine, we are having the office routinely professionally cleaned to make sure that all surfaces are sanitized.

What to Know Before Your Appointment

    • For your safety, if you would like to stay in your car until your adjustment time, please call us. In addition, we are scheduling to ensure that there are no more patients in one area of our office at a time than the CDC recommends.


    • If you do not have an appointment, you are encouraged to call us before coming in to make sure that we can accommodate you.


  • If you have an upcoming appointment and are feeling unwell, please call us to reschedule. 


We are remaining encouraged and are here to serve you!


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