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Meet Dr. Zeh

Dr. Zeh lived the chiropractic lifestyle while growing up.  With an Uncle, brother, and two cousins who are also chiropractors, it was normal for him to get adjusted routinely. The side affect was that he rarely got sick.  If he did experience any aches or pains, he would get an adjustment instead of taking medication. The outcome of getting regular adjustments is that the nervous system, which controls your whole body, works properly...



I have been a patient of Dr Zeh's for a couple of months now.  Having never been to a chiropractor I had no idea of what to expect.  Dr. Zeh was very thorough in explaining everything and going over the ins and outs of what a chiropractor does.  The staff is very friendly, professional and accommodating to my schedule.  I look forward to my appointments!!

Erin Harris


I went for my first appointment today and was shocked at how friendly the staff was (from the front desk to Dr. Zeh himself)!! I don't think I've ever been anywhere with friendlier staff. They were very thorough and attentive. I can't say enough good things! I'm very pleased that I chose Dr. Zeh's office and that they were able to accommodate me so quickly!

Jenny Martin

After years of just dealing with back pain, I finally faced my fears and went to the chiropractor. I was lucky I called this office-Kasey was able to get me in with Dr. Zeh the same day and totally put me at ease. He explained everything thoroughly and in an easy way to understand-I was made aware of what to expect at that visit and each after. I am very pleased with the care I have received here and highly recommend Dr. Zeh for anyone who has contemplated chiropractic care. My back feels better than it has in a really long time!

DeAnna Jackson

I have been going to Zeh Chiropractic for nearly ten years now. He takes the time to review any of your needs, gives you advice on how to continue and maintain your spinal health outside of his office, and you never feel rushed. The process is so well established you are in and out in a flash! His staff is super friendly, fun, professional and always helpful. Get yourself on his schedule...you will be glad you did!

Patty Brink

I totally recommend him! My husband comes in after he's been golfing and Dr. Zeh puts him back together! He is fabulous at what he does! I have NEVER had to wait long at all his office- it is very clean and very professional. I totally recommend him! Stop by today...you will be glad u did!

Rachel Mack

After multiple visits to family Dr for my back with no relief from pain I decided to try Chiropractic care. Had relief after the first visit and was put on a wellness plan by Dr Zeh. So happy to be pain free now!!

Heather Adams

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